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  • It's more than just kicking instruction
    Posted by James Fletcher Dilmore on Monday August 26 2013 @ 10:13PM CDT
    [ Testimonials ]
    As a kicker from the middle of nowhere, attending a little country school where the coaches know no more about punting and kicking than they do nuclear engineering, it was difficult for me to figure where and whom exactly I needed to go to learn how to properly punt and kick a football. Luckily, where I am from the legend of Carol White as the supreme kicking and punting guru is strong among the area coaches, which she more than earned in her many years of punting and kicking instruction, and because she pioneered the techniques to properly punt and kick a football. As a close friend and a Coach recommended, I attended a near by high school clinic she was doing, and in just the few short hours I was there, I learned more about punting in kicking than I ever had going to the big camps that were all about the great myth of "exposure." (Chris Sailer, Kohls, etc.) After that I decided to attend one of her actually summer camps, which in those four days I learned much more than just punting and kicking form, drills and stretches. I had the opportunity to hear the facts of the chances of being a “big-time” college athlete. I, like many other teenage boys, was able to hear what I really needed to hear, that college football wasn't about kicking game winning field goals or punting at a big time D1 university, but about using the skills I had to open doors in life that would further and broaden my chances of success in life. Following this path would grant me an opportunity to help pay for school while obtaining an education that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to access if it hadn't been for using my leverage as a true student athlete. Never forget, you go to school to learn and further improve yourself, not to goof around and hit a ball. In my personal opinion, the Punting and Kicking Camps run by Carol White are what every young athlete need to help them improve their game and also improve their mindset, for the money, Carol’s camps are the best value that you may ever get.

    -James Fletcher Dilmore
    Punter/ Kicker

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on facebook:

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