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  • Only One Summer Camp for 2018

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  • Only One Summer Camp for 2018

    TO: Specialists, Parents, and High School Football Coaches
    FROM: Carol A. White, Schools for Kicking and Punting Instruction
    RE: Summer Instruction for 2018
    DATE: May 28, 2018

    Sadly, I must announce that the only residential camp on our schedule this summer is July 3-6, 2018, at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC, just across the border from Gaffney, SC. After running camp in Georgia every year since 1986, I am not happy abandoning the state in which I live. The world of summer instructional programs has changed drastically, but we still offer the same nine-practice format with the same small group sizes as has proven effective for the past thirty-five years. Please consider enrolling at Gardner-Webb. Click here to do so.

    These are the issues which have driven this decision:
    - To comply with revised business practices at Georgia Southern University, we were required to carry four million dollars of insurance in 2017. I did not pass on to our campers the substantial increase this caused in operating expenses. Our full-year insurance is handled by the same company that writes policies for all the major college teams. My agent was horrified. Our program is much smaller than in the years when we ran seven one-week camps each summer on seven college campuses, but our policy provides liability and injury coverage for the multiplicity of one-day clinics and private instructional sessions throughout the year. Since we do not own property where we conduct instruction, we must protect the organizations that make their facilities available to us.

    - Dealing with all organizations that can provide housing, food service, meeting rooms, practice fields, sports medicine professionals, and security for guests has become highly technical. College administrators wish to make profits by renting facilities to large groups, including the sports camps conducted by their own employed coaches. (This is a major factor forcing college staffs to schedule one-day camps.) We are a small program. Historically, we have charged only slightly more than our expenses for running camps. Remember that those expenses include transportation, housing, food, salaries, and insurance for our entire staff, as well as maintenance and transportation of equipment. Despite the huge fees demanded by other groups, we have been unwilling to increase what we charge for camp. We are teachers.

    - When I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis in 1999, I was told that my body could not sustain the energy level necessary to coach football. Twenty years later, I am twenty years older and in year fifty as a football coach, consultant, and mentor. I have never hidden my disabilities. I have no family and no daily support staff. Whenever I leave my residence, I must consider all challenges to my independence as a handicapped senior citizen traveling alone. Because I have difficulty entering and exiting vehicles, I refuse to drive under conditions which would compromise my control. Timing navigation of Atlanta traffic is an insurmountable variable. The desired location for continuing our summer residential camp in Georgia is the other side of Atlanta. During the past six months, I have been unsuccessful arranging for anyone familiar with our program to drive me in my vehicle during an extended business day. The school year has ended, so that transition of camp sites must now wait until summer 2019.

    - The typical summer calendar has changed. Driven by stringent NCAA rules, the big colleges schedule satellite camps and recruiting showcases during the first weeks of June. Students from many states, including North Carolina, do not finish the school year until the second week of June. Originally at Georgia Tech, our camp was during the week of July 4 because coaches from other sports avoided campus during the Peachtree Road Race. That program moved to Appalachian State University in the mountains of North Carolina when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympics, and It remained there during the week of July 4 for seventeen years. In most Southern states, that is a “dead week” for coaches, so there are fewer conflicts for athletes.

    Our goal has always been to provide high quality individualized instruction in a spacious setting devoid of chaos. For a decade, we have been fortunate to have the entire Georgia Southern University football practice complex to ourselves for a week. Providing the best environment for our campers and their parents and coaches requires us to remain independent from large football camps. We shall have a location in Georgia for the third week of June in 2019. In the meantime, know that the camp at Gardner-Webb operates in the stadium and welcomes parents and coaches to observe, take video pictures, and attend the classroom sessions.

    Coach Carol White

    There Will Only Be 1 Residential Camp This Year


    July 3-6, 2018

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