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  • 31st Annual

    Dates: June 20-23, 2017 (Tuesday-Friday)

    Enrollment limitation: The camp will be limited to 100 applicants. Participants will be expected to live in the campus dormitory during camp.

    Intended participants: This school is designed for athletes entering grades 6 to 12 who want to learn sound fundamentals in punting, kicking and snapping. Campers are assigned to groups based on their age, grade level, and previous experience. Counselors are specially trained to teach drills and to analyze body movement. Groups are limited to 5 campers each. Beginners are welcome. Female campers may enroll. This is a four-day course, not merely an activity program.

    Camp objectives: The emphasis will be on individualized instruction. The camp goal is for each participant not only to improve his skills but also to be able to explain his technique to coaches and parents. Sessions will include warm-up activities, daily practice drills, and mechanics of kicking/punting/snapping, field alignment, and game situations. Plyometrics and conditioning exercises are taught each evening. Parents and coaches are encouraged to attend practices, and instruction is offered to help them best assist future player development. Video cameras are welcome. Competition among campers is not emphasized; instead, campers are provided opportunities to perform under realistic game situations.

    Facilities: Campers will be housed in Watson Hall off Chandler Road near the university Arts Center, in Statesboro. (Each camper must bring sheets, towels, pillow and blanket.) Meals will be served in the new campus cafeteria. Camp sessions will be conducted on practice fields, and classroom instruction will take place in an air-conditioned room. Parking will be available for campers driving to campus and for parents and coaches wishing to observe practices. Campers will be supervised at all times. The strength and conditioning area used by the Georgia Southern athletes is NOT available to campers.

    Staff: Carol A. White, with forty-eight years of football experience and four years service as kicking coach at Georgia Tech (1985-1988), will head a staff of current college kickers, punters, and snappers. Each staff member works with a group of only 5-6 campers. Michael Dowis, former Georgia Southern kicker (1987-1990), directs each practice while Coach White visits each group.

    Cost: The expense for each camper is $400 (including the $200 deposit sent with the application). This covers room and board and three-and-a-half days of personalized instruction, plus use of the sports medicine services. The deposit is non-refundable. Each camper will receive a camp shirt.

    Insurance: Although the camp is insured, each camper should furnish his own insurance. Policy numbers must be made available to the athletic training staff.

    Medical: Each camper must have a physical before coming to camp. A health certificate (also available on the website) will be mailed to each participant upon acceptance of his application. This form should be completed by the parent and the family physician and MAILED BACK BEFORE CAMP or submitted at registration. Georgia Southern Athletic Training Staff will be present at all camp functions. Doctors will be on call during the camp.

    Ball and Tee(s): Each camper must furnish one (1) football and appropriate field goal and kick-off tees, plus kicking shoes. Straps for square-toed shoes are not allowed. All items should be permanently marked with camper's name. Barefoot kicking or punting is not encouraged.

    Tentative daily schedule:

    • 7:30-8:00 AM Breakfast
    • 9:00-11:00 AM Kicking, punting, snapping practice
    • 11:30 AM -12:15 PM Lunch
    • 12:30-1:30 PM Classroom session
    • 1:30-3:30 PM Kicking, punting, snapping practice
    • 4:30-5:15 PM Dinner
    • 6:30-8:30 PM Kicking, punting, snapping practice
    • 8:45-9:45 PM Classroom session
    • 11:00 PM Lights out

    All campers driving to Georgia Southern will be asked to surrender their vehicle keys to a camp official after parking in the assigned lot. Key will be returned after camp ends. Leaving camp on any day requires a release letter signed by the parent and submitted at registration on Tuesday, the first day of camp.

    Additional Expenses: Vending machines will be available for campers to purchase sodas and candy bars. Campers may order pizzas in the evening. Campers who lose dormitory keys or meal tickets must pay full $50 replacement fee at check-out on Friday.

    Camp Update: A list of items to bring to camp and an update of camp news will be sent to each player upon receipt of the camp application and deposit.

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