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  • Carol A. White
    Kick-Aid, Inc.
    P.O. Box 48207
    Athens, GA 30604-8207

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    Coach White provides private lessons to kickers, punters, and snappers at all levels of football ---- youth, junior high school, senior high school, college, and professional. Private lessons for high school juniors and seniors are rarely offered during playing season, and Coach White is unavailable from May 26 through July 8 because of summer camps. The optimum time for serious evaluation is immediately after completion of the playing season. Lessons include:

    • Introduction to (or review of) theory,
    • Movement analysis, with suggestions for improvement,
    • Stretching and flexibility analysis ---- to identify level of preparedness and to project goals for short term and long-range development,
    • Position-specific drillwork,
    • Suggestions for practice organization, and
    • Analysis of skills by comparison to team needs and established standards of excellence.

    An initial lesson is an all-day commitment, segmented to match the attention span of the player. Parents or coaches should plan to be present and to take effective notes. Shooting videotape of the stretching and drillwork is the best means to review individual strengths and weaknesses. No lesson can produce immediate sustainable results. To make serious progress, the athlete must be prepared to work on running, stretching, strengthening, and drills over a period of weeks. Follow-up lessons usually take 2-3 hours.

    With young athletes, private lessons are more effective if they are conducted where the athlete actually practices. This also gives parents and coaches better opportunity to observe and to ask questions. Coach White is willing to stay in private homes when on the road. Travel expense should be figured at 30 cents per mile round-trip. Coach White does not maintain a football field but does have access to several fields and practice facilities in the Atlanta and Athens area.

    To arrange for private lessons, call Coach White in Athens, Georgia, at 706-549-2695.

    June 20-23, 2017

    July 4-7, 2017

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