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  • Carol A. White
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    Providing High Quality Personalized Services For:

    • Soccer-Style Placekickers
    • Conventional (Toe) Placekickers
    • Punters
    • Snappers
    • Holders
    • College, School, and Youth League Coaches
    • Professional Athletes and Coaches
    • Teams, Community Groups, and Coaching Associations
    • Parents

    Carol A. White was the director of the Auburn Kicking Academy from 1989 to 2010. She now runs camps at the University of Mississippi, Elon University, Coastal Carolina University, Georgia Southern University and Jacksonville State University. Each fall since 1989, she has set out from Atlanta early every Friday to drop in on high school football programs in some city in Alabama, Florida, or Georgia. She meets coaches, talks about instruction, attends games, and spends the night in the homes of former campers. Over that twenty-five-year span (1989 from 2014), many schools have changed head coaches, and many of her friends have retired. For those of you who do not know her, here is a brief summary. She holds college degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi, Florida State University, and the University of Georgia; she pursued a Ph.D. at Georgia Tech. She coached defense and special teams at Monroe High School in Albany, Georgia, from 1970 to 1985. Bill Curry brought her to Georgia Tech in 1985 as the first woman to coach football at an NCAA Division I-A (now called FBS) institution. When he left for Alabama, she was hired by Bobby Ross. Since 1990, Carol has stayed away from college coaching to be free to work with players at all levels. In the spring of 1990, she spoke for the first time at the Auburn Coaching Clinic. She is a regular speaker at Glazier football clinics and at various college and state association conferences. The following statistics should help you evaluate the merits of the programs Coach White runs.

    • During the fall of 2013 alone, active kickers, punters, and snappers on 207 college teams were recent campers and/or staff members.
    • For each of the past nineteen years, at least 40 high school graduating senior campers have successfully contributed on college football teams the next fall as true freshmen. 111 players from the Class of 2011 joined college/junior college teams.
    • During the winter/spring of 2013-2014, 23 kickers, punters, and snappers from our programs have participated in pro football tryouts and camps.
    • During 2013-2014, 26 recent campers and staff members have played or are playing professional football (NFL, Arena 2, or indoor leagues).

    Carol's mission, however, is to help high school programs develop the strongest possible special teams by training players who are young enough to contribute over a span of years. Parents and coaches can help by identifying junior high school or freshman athletes who will become varsity kickers, punters, and snappers in the future!

    Coach White is available to conduct clinics (either for players or coaches), to give private lessons, and to answer questions you may have about the kicking game or players. If a one-day clinic is already scheduled in your area, a copy of the announcement and a registration form suitable for photocopying will be included in the annual mailing to all previous clinic and summer camp participants. See the One-Day Clinics section of this website for dates and forms for the current year. Please contact the person listed to obtain directions or further information. Call Coach White if you wish to plan a clinic at your school.

    Since 2002, Coach White has been conducting programs for parents (and for coaches/guidance counselors/school officials) on athletic recruiting techniques and the marketing of athletes. These presentations cover menís and womenís sports, not just football. They run for two hours or longer and include at least twenty pages of hand-outs. Please contact her if your school, county, or booster club would be interested.

    Feel free to duplicate any information found here. We really want your players in camp in 2014!


    Carol A. White

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